The Sandwich Man
The Sandwich Man


Composed of three separate stories, the film vividly portrays Taiwan during the cold war period when the country developed its economy with help from the United States.
Chen Bo-zheng
Chen Bo-zheng
Kun-shu (segment "The Sandwich Man")
Yang Li-Yin
Yang Li-Yin
Ah-chu (segment "The Sandwich Man")
Tseng Kuo-feng
Theater Manager (segment "The Sandwich Man")
Te-Nan Lai
Kun-shu's Uncle (segment "The Sandwich Man")
Fu-yu Hou
Kun-shu's Son (segment "The Sandwich Man")
Tsui Fu-Sheng
Tsui Fu-Sheng
Lee's Father (segment "Vicki's Hat")
Yu-Tze Chang
Vicki (segment "Vicki's Hat")
Ding Chin
Wang Wu-hsiung (segment "Vicki's Hat")
Ting-yi Fang
Lin Tsai-fa (segment "Vicki's Hat")
Chi Chen
Mei-li (segment "Vicki's Hat")
Hsia Chiang
Mrs. Chiang (segment "The Taste of Apple")
Sheng Li Cho
Chiang A-fa (segment "The Taste of Apple")
Yen Cheng-kuo
Yen Cheng-kuo
Chiang A-jih (segment "The Taste of Apple")
Chih-hsien Su
Chiang A-chung (segment "The Taste of Apple")
Hui-Chun Wang
Worker (segment "The Taste of Apple")
Shen-lin Po
Lei-ke (segment "The Taste of Apple")
Tai Ho
Foreign Police (segment "The Taste of Apple")
An-ju Shih
A-fa's Daughter (segment "The Taste of Apple")
Hui-ling Chiang
A-fa's Daughter (segment "The Taste of Apple")
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