Der Todesengel
Der Todesengel


Manila is a high-demand model. One day, her car breaks down on the way home and she meets Angelo and Mike, two nasty women traffickers. They are looking for new women for their brothels and harass Manila. She puts up a desperate fight, but the two pimps are stronger: they rape Manila. From now on, Manila's life no longer runs as usual. She is plagued by nightmares in which the two pimps haunt her. What's more, she can no longer have relationships with men. In the middle of sex with her boyfriend, visions of rape haunt her again and she kills her boyfriend with great satisfaction. She realizes that only women can give her pleasure. She hires a call girl, but this meeting also ends in death as she discovers the remains of her boyfriend. Manila knows that only revenge on her tormentors can turn her life around. In the red light district of the two pimps, a thrilling final battle ensues, which turns out differently than either side had hoped...
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