I paid a whopping $63.00 bucks to buy this video. Did so because I lived in South Africa years ago and thought it'd be interesting to see this South African filmed movie. Also, I am a boxing fan and recall Duane Bobick. What a big disappointment; I'm talking major! Duane Bobick just can't act. The poor guy is stiff, machine-like, almost a walking-talking robot. You can see how his face was battered by over 40 professional fights. The rest of the cast is just as bad. The story-line is a bizarre mix of romance, incest, sadism, and boxing. If you blink your eyes you can see a host of well-known boxers from South Africa in uncredited roles. Billyboy is not worth a 3 dollar rental,let alone the money I paid for it. I gave my copy away to a friend, who in turn sold it at a garage sale for a buck!
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