Ein Strauß voll Glück
Ein Strauß voll Glück


After the death of her husband, Anna tries to begin a new life with her children Paul and Laura on the North-Sea island Amrum. An ostrich-farm is the smart business-idea, which secures her family's future. As merchandising and to inspire her prospective customers for her products, she sends ostrich-eggs to the nearby restaurants on the mainland. But the first delivery turns into to a disaster. The shipping company that operates the ferry service to the mainland had left Anna's products in the sun too long, and all eggs spoiled before they got to their destination. Anna's optimism gets a serious blow and she is close to bankruptcy. Matthias, a lawyer and a good friend of Anna, supports her by all means in her fight against the shipping company owner and shyster, Reents. With great media interest and the aid of the sympathetic journalist, Marc stokes, Anna enters the fight against the nearly all-powerful adversary in order to force Reents to give up.
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