Onihei Crime Files: A Bandit Wedding
Onihei Crime Files: A Bandit Wedding


Thieves broke into Yamashiroya, a drug wholesaler, and stole 780 ryo. In the storehouse, there was a sticker with a picture of an umbrella, the signature of Yahei Kasayama, a great thief who once ransacked the entire Kanto region. Heizo Hasegawa (Kichiemon Nakamura), the director of the reform of the thieves, learns that the theft was the work of Yahei's son Yataro (Somegoro Ichikawa [now Koshiro Matsumoto]) and his gang, thanks to the help of a spy named Isaji (Koichi Miura). He learns that Yataro is in the process of marrying Oito (Tomoka Kurokawa), the daughter of Shigezo of Narumi, a great thief from Owari. Heizo learns the true identity of the thread and the evil plans of the second generation Narumi Shigezo (Fuse Hiroshi), and he meets Nagashima no Kugoro (Matsudaira Ken), a former thief who is trying to arrange a marriage deal to return the favor to the previous generation Kasayama and the previous generation Narumi. ) while hiding his identity...
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