Maji! 6: Raging Fire
Maji! 6: Raging Fire


Shirogane Maji (Tamotsu Ishibashi), now the head of the Kozugumi, is summoned by Akame Shinzan, the Kozugumi's substitute lender, and is told that there is a movement to revive the Shuyukai, which had been under excommunication. The new Shuyukai is headed by former Shuyukai executive Mikogami (Ryuji Katagiri), who is the new head of the group at the behest of Hirojikai chairman Taichi Hirosaki (Ren Osugi), who bears the same cursive badge of wind as Honkaku. Hirozaki has only one goal: to eliminate Motoki, who has quickly risen to the same position as himself. Immediately, Hirozaki orders Mikogami to begin raiding the territory of the child gang.
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