Horror-Scopes Volume Two: Chinese Zodiac
Horror-Scopes Volume Two: Chinese Zodiac


The signs of the zodiac hold many mysteries, Some believe that to follow their path is to find good fortune, but others believe that to be guided by the stars will bring nothing but pain, misery and for some, something much worse. Horror-Scopes bring 12 of Indie Horrors brightest talents together to tell 12 star crossed tales of Horror Scope based horror. With a Chinese twist.
Lauren Jane Barnett
Dr. I. C. Harvey / Arabella Fallabella (Segment: Snake)
Frederic Boag-Jones
Josh (Segment: Rat)
Chloe Ivy Cozza
Call Girl (Segment: Tiger)
Anna Dixon
Maggie (Segment: Pig)
Louis Du Toit
Man at Bus Stop (segment: The Ox)
Mireia Espluga
Red (Segment: Rooster)
Morten Fausbøll
Charlie (Segment: Rooster)
David Gelmini
Dragon Chaser (segment:Dragon) / Pie-Thon spectator (Snake)
Georgie Harriet-King
Angry Villager / Sandra (Segment: Snake)
Andre Harrison
Rooster (Segment: Rooster)
Michael Hutchinson
Jim (Segment: Pig)
Dorothea Jones
Dorothea Jones
Lena (Segment: Rat)
Kimberley Lane
Sasha (segment: The Ox)
Eliza Leonard
Tora (Segment: Tiger)
Adam Lezemore
Doug (Segment: Tiger)
Jason Jay Lowe
Angry Villager
Tony Mardon
Tony Mardon
Detective Inspector Hopper / Ralph Paris (Segment: Snake)
William Marshall
William Marshall
Eugene (segment:The Ox) / Nerdy Nigel (segment:Snake)
Maria Lee Metheringham
Maria Lee Metheringham
The Wife (segment: The Ox)
Catherine Mieses
Blue (Segment: Rooster)
Eve Kathryn Oliver
Dog (Segment: Dog) / New Girl (Segment:Tiger)
Martin W. Payne
Mr. Grimes (Segment: Pig)
Nicole Katherine Riddell
Sarah (Segment: Dog)
Philip Andrew Rogers
Simo (Segment: Tiger)
Rebekah Rose
Lauren (segment: The Ox)
Mark Sears
Mark Sears
Vince (Segment: Tiger)
Ana Tortora
Heather (Segment: Rat)
Harry Vinall
Matt (Segment: Dog)
Jamie Walker
Sam (segment: The Ox)
Annabella Rich
Annabella Rich
Sarah (Segment: Snake)
JoAnn Lock
Crowd Member (Segment: Snake)
Hannah Paterson
Hannah Paterson
Liz Nudger (Segment: Snake)
Mark Lawrence
Big Dave (Segment: Snake)
Singh Lall
Pie Eating Prince (Segment: Snake)
Sophie Karl
Sophie Karl
Karen (Segment: Snake)
Christopher Walker
Sebastian (Segment: Snake)
Chris Mills
Greg (Segment: Snake)
Andrea Sandell
Andrea Sandell
The Mother (Segment: Snake)
Joseph Simpson-Bushell
Adam (Segment: Horse)
Sam Poole
(Segment: Horse)
Jason Impey
Jason Impey
(Segment: Horse)
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