A detective investigates a number of both recent and cold case killings; is there a connection?
Amber Doig-Thorne
Amber Doig-Thorne
Erin (Segment: Can't Bear It!)
Dani Thompson
Dani Thompson
Paula Valentine (Segment: Sandcastles)
Charlie Bond
Charlie Bond
Katie (Segment: Baby Babble)
Stella Paris
Krystal (Segment: Striptease Massacre 7)
Annabella Rich
Annabella Rich
Maddie (Segment: Christmas Shopping)
Simon Bamford
Simon Bamford
DI Eliot Foley
Andrew Elias
Andrew Elias
Security Guard (Segment: The Nightclubber)
Tony Mardon
Tony Mardon
Mr Daniels (Segments: Wrap-around & Fanboy)
Reis Daniel
Reis Daniel
Chris (Segment: The Legend of Mary Marshall)
Michael Fausti
Michael Fausti
Mr Peacock (Segment: Striptease Massacre 7)
Martin W. Payne
The Decorator (Segment: The Decorator)
Spencer Hawken
Mario (Segment: Window Shopping)
Neil Ovenell
Jake (Segment: Window Shopping)
Chris Mills
Josh (Segment: Christmas Shopping)
Lutricia Norris
Helen (Segment: Playback)
Simon Flynn
Interviewing Officer (Segment: Baby Babble)
Peter Tilley
SOCO Greenaway
Singh Lall
Detective Singh / Punter #1 (Striptease Massacre 7)
Will Jones
Ash (Segment: Playback)
James Hamer-Morton
Jamie (Segment: Baby Babble)
Evangelina Burton
Evangelina Burton
Zoe (Segment: The Legend of Mary Marshall)
Georgie Harriet-King
Katie's Sister (Segment: Baby Babble)
Christopher Walker
Family Member #4 (Segment: Christmas Shopping)
Alexander Churchyard
Alexander Churchyard
1987 Camper #2 (Segment: The Legend of Mary Marshall)
Ross Howard
Glade (Segment: Sandcastles)
Andrea Sandell
Andrea Sandell
Sinister Sister Abigail (Segment: Christmas Shopping)
Sarah Swain
Michelle (Segment: Can't Bear It!)
Toby Roberts
Steve (Segment: The Decorator)
Craig Keeling
Junction 28 Singer
Denise Wilton
Denise Wilton
Mary Marshall (Segment: The Legend of Mary Marshall)
Michael Holiday
Punter #4 (Segment: Striptease Massacre 7)
Erin Grace
Melissa Blake (Segment: Christmas Shopping)
Lucyanne Linzell
Family Member #2 (Segment: Christmas Shopping)
Kurt Deed
The Nightclubber (Segment: The Nightclubber)
Tony Wiseman
Waiting Area Individual
Martin Sigournay
Detective Weaver
Ben Woodwards
Junction 28 Drummer
Hannah Paterson
Hannah Paterson
Amber (Segment: Striptease Massacre 7)
Eve Kathryn Oliver
Alice (Segment: Playback)
James Wall
Playback Killer Stand-in / Eyeball Detective
Robert F. Byrne
Patrick (Segment: The Legend of Mary Marshall)
Jamie Anniss
Gormless Man (Segment: Sandcastles)
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