New Year's Chef
New Year's Chef


Victor is the owner of a trendy restaurant, but things are not going well in it. The only hope is for New Year's Eve, because all the tables are already booked, but December 31 comes and the chef and the whole team leave the restaurant. It would seem that everything is gone, and then Olesya, the owner of the kitchen at home in a village near Moscow, appears in the restaurant. She brought cakes that Victor had accidentally ordered from her and even managed to forget about it. Victor offers Olesya to become a chef for New Year's Eve. She refuses, Olesya promised her son Kirill a New Year's tale with fireworks. Victor persuades her to agree, he believes in her and knows that Olesya has a special gift — to awaken the best memories from people with her dishes. Will Olesya and Victor be able to perform a real New Year's miracle: feed all the guests with special dishes and fulfill the promise made to Kirill?
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