After Us, the Rest of the World
After Us, the Rest of the World


Once again, 16-year-old Jonas starts at a new school and, as always, he has no intention of being anybody’s darling. Jonas has muscular dystrophy, is confined to a wheelchair and knows that he will die sooner rather than later from this incurable and progressive disease. His mother Alma, who raises Jonas alone and would rather take a second job than forego therapy for him, is determined to delay his deterioration. She has placed Jonas with Dr. Wildenhahn, an authority on Duchenne disease. The doctor manages to be taken seriously by Jonas, that is until he gets to know Emily, Marianne Wildenhahn's daughter, who goes to his class. Emily has a massively low academic grade, which she hides from her mother because of the doctor’s high standards. Emily falls in love with Jonas, and her sincere affection gives him the courage to love her back. Emily and Jonas become a couple, overcoming all obstacles.
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