The Killing Performance
The Killing Performance


Unreliable detective "Man Tianfei" (played by Jia Bing) challenges the suspect group (played by Yu Entai, Jiang Mengjie, Liu Hua, Yu Yang, Li Qian, Niu Xinxin, Feng Xinyao, etc.)! A stunningly beautiful generation of actresses is secretly shot dead! On the seventh night, private detective Man Tianfei and the suspects are kidnapped in a theater. The mysterious "Madman" with a flower mask surrounds them, forcing Detective Man to identify the real culprit within four hours. Otherwise, everyone at the scene will be killed, sacrificing the soul of the beauty! The countdown begins! Everyone has secrets, everyone is acting, divine showdowns, and investigations in a locked room! Mysteries within mysteries, twists upon twists, laughter triggering suspense, layers of lies gradually unveiling the truth...
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