Manhae Han Yong-un's Silence
Manhae Han Yong-un's Silence


Donghak Rebellion (Donghak Peasant Movement) takes place in Hongjuseong (now Hongseong). Manhae, a boy who participates in the Donghak Rebellion as a 16-year-old, steals 1,000 nyang and sends it to military funds. At the age of 55, at Simujang in Seongbuk-dong, Manhae remarried while staying in a boarding house. While making a living by sewing his wife's wages, Manhae continues to resist Japanese imperialism by participating in the movement against the name change of the Chang clan and against the dispatch of Korean student soldiers along with writing. He takes over the military funds from Madam Baekhwa of Myeongwol in Yongjing. Lee Hwa-yeong hands over the military funds with Man-hae. In 1944, Manhae passed away at the age of 66. As the poem "Your Silence" flows, Manhae's achievements are introduced as highlights, and his subtitles flow.
    2h 24min
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Oh Ahn-jin
Manhae Han Yong-un
Lee So-mang
Hwa-yeong, Manhae's Advisor
Jeong Hye-seon
Jeong Hye-seon
Manhae Han Young-un's Mother
Bae Min-ju
Special Branch Prosecutor of Keijo Public Prosecutor's Office
Kim Hyeon-jeong
Seol Do-young, Female Independence Activist
Seo Ji-woo
Yu Gwan-sun
Kim Hee-ra
Kim Hee-ra
Monk of Daegaksa Temple
Ahn Byeong-kyeong
Ahn Byeong-kyeong
Chief Judge of Keijo Appellate Court
No Hyeon-Hee
No Hyeon-Hee
President of Nang Nang Club
Kim Hyeong-il
Kim Hyeong-il
Principal of Manchurian Military Academy
Lee Hoe-yeong
Rich Man Lee Hee-yeong
Yoo Young-mi
Yoo Sook-won, Manhae Han Yong-un's Wife
Luan Jianhua
Chinese Female Independence Activist
Kim Hee-yeong
Japanese Religious Office Director
Lee Joon-seo
Young Manhae Han Yong-un
Shin Hee-na
Michiko, Yu Gwan-sun's Lawyer
Choi Jong-moon
Harumi, Manhae Han Yong-un's Lawyer
Han Woo-jin
Gil-sang, Manhae's Cortege
Kim So-rin
Security Chief of Keijo Prison
Kim Yu-ri
Japanese Religious Office Vice Director
Park Yun-geun
Vice Principal of Manchurian Military Academy
Kim Jae-geun
Great Monk of Baekdamsa Temple
Jeong Chan-gu
Hirotsu Setsuzo
Ko Maeng-eui
Russian Motel Owner
Kwak Su-jin
Hwang Mi-sook
Chief Editor of Keijo Daily News
Shin Hak-cheol
Japanese Prosecutor
Kim Joo-bok
President of Keijo Daily News
Chief Monk of Yonghwasa Temple
Kim Ye-na
Owner of Samcheonggak
Lee Seo-eun
Gandhi's Female Secretary
Yang Seung-jo
Yang Seung-jo
Schoolmaster of Village School
Kim Seok-hwan
Manhae Han Yong-un's Farther
Lee Jong-hwa
Marriage Officiant
Lee Jin-yeong
Yu Gwan-sun's Father
Won Seong-jin
Choi Ye-ji
Female Director of Manchurian Military Academy
Kim Go-eun
Lady at a Russian Guest House
Oh Sang-cheol
Independence Army Soldier, Jang Il-cheon
Lee Chae-yu
Reporter of Keijo Daily News
Lee Yu-jin
Reporter of Keijo Daily News
Lee In-ja
Monk of Geonbongsa Temple
Gwak Lae-yeong
Reporter of Keijo Daily News
Seong Nak-beom
Mafia Mid-boss
Jang Yeong-hee
Female Independence Activist 2
Jang Geon-seop
Right Judge of Keijo Appellate Court
Kim Dong-hyun
Russian Mafia Boss
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