During the Sengoku period, villagers brutally killed eight samurai, and in the Taisho era, the head of an old family murdered 32 villagers in the Eight-Tomb Village. Terada Tatsuya, who had long been estranged from the Terada family, returns as its successor. However, this return is the beginning of a tragedy. Grandfather, half-brother, monks, nuns... one after another, people related to the family are murdered. Yet, the truth remains elusive. In the midst of this, Tatsuya stumbles into a massive cave system. What he sees there is a wax figure of the head of the Terada family wearing the samurai armor. Meanwhile, Kindaichi, who has uncovered the secret of Tatsuya's birth, finds himself at the same cave. At that very moment, Tatsuya is cornered deep within the cave by villagers who fear the curse.
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