I Want! I Will!
I Want! I Will!


Nadia made her choice all her life with an eye to pleasing the environment, and by the age of 45 she was at an impasse. On the one hand, she has everything that many do not have - a family, work at the university, status. On the other hand, she does not feel that she is living her own life. But violence against one's inner world cannot go on forever. After her husband's betrayal, Nadya realizes that she cannot continue to live like this. At this moment, her niece Alena, who is fond of stand-up, moves into her apartment and encourages her aunt to change. Gradually finding harmony with herself, Nadia begins to change for the better. But will Nadia be able to defend her right to be herself - to dress the way she wants, do what she loves and meet a young guy - when relatives, friends and colleagues believe that she violates social norms and do everything to prevent this from happening?
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