The Housekeeper Saw!
The Housekeeper Saw!


Sawagura Nobuko is back housekeeping again in this sequel to the 2014 SP! This time around Nobuko, having been given some pearl earrings as a present sometime before, decides to attend an exhibition for a pearl described as being the world's most expensive one. That pearl is owned by the Iwakura family, who run a large pearl company. While looking at the pearl however, Nobuko is pulled away by a handsome man who seems to have some connection to the family. So when Nobuko finds one of her pearl earrings missing and probably taken by that man, she decides to work as a housekeeper for the Iwakura family until the man shows up again and she can get her earring back. But the Iwakura family that Nobuko is now working for has plenty of secrets beyond just pearls that she'll have to sort out if she wants her earring back...
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