2 unter Millionen
2 unter Millionen


What hurts more: losing the wife to her younger lover after 21 years of marriage or having to share a lottery win with her after the breakup? The parcel carrier Henry doesn't want to give up half of his unexpected wealth because of the divorce. While his wife Ellen wants to make a clean break with the new beginning, he tries to save the long-hopeful marriage, but only on paper. The disappointment hurts too much to share the cash fairly! Neither his own daughter, who needs money for a journalism school, nor his best friend Mehmet know about the new fortune. His "favorite colleague" Mona either doesn't like the fact that Henry doesn't tell her the truth. She doesn't really recognize Henry anymore, with whom she has fallen in love. Ellen is also surprised that Henry, who is chronically exhausted, can afford an expensive racing horse. But there's a reason for the secrecy, because Henry wants to make his dream come true to win the Grand Prix of Germany. His maxim: Believe in losers too!
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