Revue Starlight ―The LIVE― #4 Climax
Revue Starlight ―The LIVE― #4 Climax


At Seisho Music Academy's Actor Training Department, which Hikari Kagura has left, the days that Karen, Maya, Junna, Mahiru, Nana, Claudine, Futaba, and Kaoruko will spend together will soon come to an end. With graduation day just around the corner, the career paths that the nine have chosen for after graduation are varied as well. Difficult exams, advanced assignments, new environments, and the chance to show off their own skills... Everyone spends every day with as much anxiety as hope. Who is their true rival? What is it that they truly must fight against?? What awaits them in the Twilight Theater?! The climax is right up ahead. The curtain rises on the best Revue in history!
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