The Scampi Trail
The Scampi Trail


James Bond, 007, is aboard a luxury cruise liner in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A beautiful woman, Crème Brûlée, gives him a disk holding information of grave importance. Moments later Bond is dead. The only clue; a sparkly thong around his neck. Is this the work of the crossdressing assassin known as Scampi Trail? Meanwhile, British Billionaire, Sir Bernard Shanks is the subject of a series of terrorist attacks around the globe. Are Bond's death and these terrorist attacks linked? MI6 suspect they are and send Bond's protégé, newly promoted agent Double 19, to Hamburg to find out. So begins The Scampi Trail... What follows is a race against time, in a dazzling adventure that spans three continents and five countries, as Double 19 tries to piece the two together.
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