A Street Musician
A Street Musician


Jae-hee, who left as a college student, and Seo-ha, who got a job at a company in a local small city, are high school alumni. Seo-ha meets and loves Yoon-soo, the company's president's son, but Yoon-soo is engaged to Jae-hee, whom he met on the train, and goes to the U.S. to study. Seo Ha, who overcame his wounds and went to drug abuse in the provinces, shows a static situation, but after joining the military, he sends news of his participation in the Vietnam War. After graduating, Seo Ha gets a job at a big pharmaceutical company with the help of Yoon Soo. Seo Ha gets into a car accident in a meeting where she declares her last to Yoon-soo, who persistently wants her due to her breakdown with Jae-hee. Seo Ha, who married Jeong Tae, who returned from Vietnam, eventually died of cancer, leaving her son Young-jin behind.
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